What do you get from your Super?

Superannuation provides an ideal vehicle to save for your retirement. While the government may provide a safety net in the form of the aged pension, you need to take responsibility for your retirement savings if you want a better standard of living in retirement.





Five key benefits of saving through Super are outlined below:

- Superannuation is tax effective
- Enables you to invest for the long term
- Superannuation is a convenient and easy way to save
- May offer tax concessions and incentives
- The option to offer insurance cover through your Super


"I have found the service I have received from Jo and the team to be excellent. They have been thorough and patient in their dealings with me and their attention to detail has been excellent. Their knowledge in the field of Super has helped me to better manage my own investments and reduce the costs and fees that I was being charged." Michael Ackerie, Workpac


Lost Super

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If you make after-tax contributions into your Superannuation and earn an income as an employee or a self employed person, you may also receive a government co-contribution based on your income and how much you contribute.

If you are eligible, the Australian Taxation office pays the contribution automatically into your fund, based on your tax return and information received from your fund.

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