Services: Trauma Insurance

Have you ever considered you may be the one that needs looking after?

This type of insurance pays you a lump sum. Trauma Insurance is about survival. It gives you the opportunity to clear any debts you may have and pay for any medical costs incurred to keep you living. It may not save you medically, but it may save you financially. It allows you to concentrate on your survival and wellness without the financial burden. It provides funds to help you make choices, whether that’s financially or medically.

Sometimes even the healthiest people suffer accidents, or are diagnosed with diseases they had no chance of preventing – like cancer. How many people close to you and your family do you know that has suffered a major traumatic event in their life?

Our organisation has now paid out over $4million in claims for traumatic events. Trauma cover, also known as Critical Illness is one of the most sought after insurances in our industry. There are up to 40 conditions covered under this type of cover with most insurers, but the major conditions claimed on are:

· Cancer
· Heart Attack/Surgery
· Stroke

Please make sure you refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for definition wording.

Case Study

You would never envisage that a top leading Brisbane surgeon could be told  You have Motor Neurone Disease and you have approximately 3 years to live”.

John, a leading Obstetrician was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease at the age of 57. Obviously, this came as a huge shock, not only to himself, but to his wife and children. John fortunately had Trauma Insurance in place that paid him out a lump sum tax free upon his diagnosis. With this money the family was able to clear the large debt that they had, and then gave them the opportunity to concentrate on what was ahead, medically and emotionally. Through this tough time, John also had other insurances that played numerous roles to their financial position, both in his personal life and his business. John made comments to his wife that he was so thankful that he had received the correct advice from a specialist for his risk portfolio, because the insurance benefits paid out to himself and his estate gave him peace of mind that financially they would be OK upon his death. Sadly, John passed away in a matter of 18 months

*Based on a real claim. Name has been changed.